March Update 2016
Dorothy Slikker – My Art Walk to the Contemporary Masters

My Book is available for purchase at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The book is available in both Hard Cover: $43.99 & Soft Cover: $30.99

My first book signing is at the Sanders Winery on Kellogg, there will be cheese and wine tasting and the first 10 people will receive a bottle of white wine. It will be Sunday April 3rd at 1:00pm till 4:00pm. Come to purchase your copy at 3780 E Kellogg Rd.

Thanks Dorothy Slikker-

Welcome to my new site.  I would like to make an acquaintance with as many artists that I can.  I love to talk and admire all types of art and want the world to do the same.

This site has been established so that I may sell our art, get acquainted and discuss all types of subjects about arts and fine crafts. The way the economy has turned it is hard to sell our work to the public, so we can now turn to a larger audience THE WORLD. As of today the world is our market place.

I still like the craft fairs: to show and get acquainted with our peers in our local communities. Letting them know that we are around and that we have the most talented artist and crafters “in the world” right here in our own back yard. This statement holds true for every community.

Hurray!  I finished my certification course with Robert Warren and I am now accepting students full time.  Call me if you are serious about learning a new technique in oil painting.

Check out the Wolf that I will be teaching at the Las Vegas Creative Painting convention for 2011.  Sign up we will meet and spend an awesome 6 hours together painting and getting acquainted.

I am also setting up some seminars for different parts of the country. If anyone out there would like to have me come to their community for a class, give me a call and we will talk about a schedule.

Take a trip through the site and I hope you enjoy what you see. I would love to hear some feedback and also have you join our family of artist and crafters.

Dorothy Slikker